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Zhongshan cofix industrial Co.,Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of different kinds of fixings and accessories of pipe support system, locates in a beautiful city, the capital of hardware products-Zhongshan city, where all transportation facilities are convenient to be utilized for worldwide deliveries. The factory now not only has complete sets of equipments for the production from punching, threading, welding, assembling and packing, but also has a complete set of equipments for rubber which needed on the pipe clamps. Advanced test machines for tensile load test and torch force test complete the quality inspection system of Cofix. With more than 10 years of experience in punching and welding and business administration, COFIX now has created the highest quality features in the production of pipe support system.
The main products of Cofix are: Single screw quick locking pipe clamps, two screw quick locking pipe clamps, normal two screw pipe clamps, heavy duty pipe clamps, ventilation pipe clamps, nailed clamps, double wall clamps, set packages, pipe fixings and hanging parts, construction connectors, plastic plug, hanger bolts , different EPDM rubber parts and other accessories.
Highly motivated and qualified staff, market and customer oriented and a foresighted management gives us the reputation of being a competitive partner. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. Not only do we strive to provide our customers with high value products, we also treat our customer with exceptional consideration and take the time to address all of their needs. Choose us, we will be one of the most rewarding partnerships in the life of your business.